Monday, October 20, 2014

Membership: Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Tami Elliott
Membership Ambassador

How is your membership campaign going? Are you reaching short-term goals while keeping long-term goals within sight?

As you all know, we don't make our membership numbers all in one month, it takes an entire year to get where we want to go. The big question is: "Do you know where you are going?”

Think about taking a trip in a car. You know the destination and you can either plan your trip with a map, knowing where and when you get to different stages on the trip, or you can just meander along hoping you get there on time and not run out of gas along the way.

I like the boxing match comparison. We are in a prize fight that goes 10 rounds. You don't have to win all 10 rounds to win the fight, but if you don't plan your fight strategically, you will find yourself in a bind in the later rounds trying to make up lost ground. Yes, you can always go for the knockout at the end of the fight and win it all, but most of us will probably be better suited to getting off to a good start in the early rounds, racking up points in the middle stages of the fight and building a lead, then taking care of business in the last few rounds.

Have you won your first few rounds? If not, it's time to buckle down and make sure that the middle rounds of this prize fight go your way. Do you have a winning plan? Do you need to re-think your strategy, and get together with your coaches? Remember the holidays are just around the corner and your Auxiliary members will be involved with family and friends. Membership will not be at the top of their to-do list.

Everyone wants YOU to win. A champion doesn't become a champion without help. We are all in this together.

See you at the Top!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Legislative: Get Out the Vote!

Kathy Schreiber
Legislative Ambassador

The excitement builds, as well as the candidates’ information provided by TV ads, as the November 4 election date nears. As citizens with the right to vote, it is our responsibility to know the facts in regards to our candidates’ stand and actions on issues that are being publicly shared. Be sure your research is complete before you vote. A Pro-Veteran Government with veterans and military quality of life, and national security issues must be a priority of Congress and the Administration. Your vote for the candidate who believes in our issues will help ensure that goal. 

As a Ladies Auxiliary member, you cannot endorse candidates on behalf of your Ladies Auxiliary, but there is nothing preventing you from working on behalf of your favorite candidate. Share your enthusiasm, but remember to complete your “homework” and know they are the correct candidate to do the job. Campaigns are always looking for last-minute volunteers and your helping hand can be a great way to get your candidate in.

Stay informed! Your job isn’t done when the elections are over. You must use your influence and continue to urge your representatives to support VFW and veterans issues.

If these tips sound familiar they are from the “Veterans Vote!” brochure that is available on the Ladies Auxiliary VFW website. It is a great tool for this and every election year; utilize the free resources that are available to ALL members under the Legislative Program tab:
As Ladies Auxiliary VFW members, we understand the meaning of our citizenship and patriotism. Thank YOU for being the LAVFW “ads” to VOTE! Your voice is priceless...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Ideas for Hospitalized Veterans

Grace Matz
Hospital Ambassador

It’s hard to believe it’s already October! Many of us are feeling a nip in the air and watching the leaves change an array of beautiful colors. 

For those where the weather is turning colder, check to see what is needed to keep everyone warm. Blankets, sweatpants and sweatshirts are continuously on wish lists.

If a VA Hospital is having a Stand Down, work jointly with your Veterans & Family Support Chairman to see how you can help homeless veterans.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Want to feel like a kid again? Ask other members to join you and visit a facility for a ‘greet and treat’. Fill a zip lock baggie with treats and visit patients at a facility. Have fun with it! Ask members to wear a funny or creative costume and watch the faces light up!

Check with a facility and see if you can host a Halloween party! Take some treats and Halloween-themed games such as:

•    Candy Corn Bingo
•    Guess How Many Spiders/Candy Corn in the Jar
•    Pumpkin Golf

You could even have a pumpkin painting party with mini or pie pumpkins! Take a few extra hats or Halloween accessories for the patients so they have a costume, too!

Check out our Pinterest page for ideas!

Volunteer Recruitment
Have you recruited a new volunteer yet? With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to invite someone new to join you. It could be your family member, a neighbor, or members of a youth group. People are usually willing to volunteer. They just need to be asked!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chief of Staff: Tips for a Healthy Auxiliary

Vivian Bernotas
Chief of Staff

  • Has the member questionnaire been distributed at your Auxiliary meetings?  

    The valuable information that is gathered from members may help shape the future success of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Be sure to share this questionnaire with members that cannot, or do not, regularly attend meetings. The input is priceless! Be proactive, share what is or is not working. Communicate, participate and take the steps to build the future! The past is simply a guidepost – not a hitching post!

  •  Who, What or Where is your focus? 

    As committed and involved Ladies Auxiliary members, I know your answer is to take care of America’s Veterans - our heroes! Our website provides the information to assist you with this mission, solve problems, manage meetings, praise volunteers and work together. “Patriotism Begins at Home.” It is a natural feeling - one we can be proud of - catch and pass it on!

  • Are you using the Bachelor Post Presentation Slideshow? 

    It is available for you in the online. Check it out here.


I have created a handy little card for you to carry with you or hand out, and, it is available for you to download and print from the Extension Program webpage on our website.

This card has the 5 Essentials of an Auxiliary on one side and Starting a New Auxiliary on the other side. You are going to LOVE this…………. don’t wait – download them now!