Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thank You & Reports Due!

Kathy Wewe

A Thank You goes to each Department that submitted a nomination for Outstanding Hospital Volunteer. The service these ladies have provided our heroes is truly inspiring. Hopefully all volunteers have been recognized for their dedication. Everyone that worked this golden goal deserves a special thank you.

Our heroes didn’t give up on us as they fought for our Country’s freedom. We can’t give up helping them. The dedication and service that Ladies Auxiliary members provide is shown in the number of projects, hours and items that we donate.

Even though it is a busy time of our year, i.e. Ladies Auxiliary elections, District meetings, Department conventions, and our National Convention, we must continue to remember that our heroes didn’t take a break from their duties and we shouldn’t either. There are special occasion days coming up where we have an opportunity to make it special for our heroes. Plan some time to spend at events for Loyalty Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Father’s Day.

Now let’s crunch those numbers. Reports are due to Department Presidents by May 1, 2014. These reports are vital to our organization. They are used in media promotions and reports that help our organization in so many ways. Ladies Auxiliary members can use them in recruiting and community events.

Thank you for your ideas, promotions, service, dedication and loyalty. Our 100th year of service will prove to be a strong one as we gather the numbers. We couldn’t do it with you. Remember it’s you and your Ladies Auxiliary that make our programs work. Because we care we continue KEEPING AMERICA’S VETERANS & FAMILIES STRONG.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Reporting Criteria

Youth Activities
Christine Smith

Every Ladies Auxiliary member has had a question or two about what to report or how to report it. Every Department has their own reporting forms and the reporting criteria for each Department is slightly different from National. If there is ever a question about reporting criteria for a particular program, read the National Program Book. The best way to get this book is to register for the National Convention because even if you don’t go you will still get the Program Book.

The next best way is to read and save the Department program bulletins. Department Chairmen create their bulletins with the National Program criteria in mind, adding their own imaginative ideas to spark interest and give ideas to the Ladies Auxiliaries.  

This year, the Youth Activities Golden Goals are:

  • Encourage the Formation of a Junior Girls Unit
  • Involve Youth in ALL Ladies Auxiliary Programs
  • Make Ladies Auxiliary Programs Accessible to Today’s Youth
  • Teach Youth Respect for Themselves and Others

When reporting in the Youth Activities Program, Department Chairman should emphasize the details they would like to see and the information they will have to provide to National.  With the Golden Goals in mind, the following National Youth Activities Reporting criteria were developed:
  • Number of Ladies Auxiliaries participating in and/or promoting Junior Girls Units:
    • How many Units used the JUMP! program?
    • How many Junior Girls Units were instituted in your Department this year?
  • How many Ladies Auxiliaries publicized Youth Groups supporting our Military Citations?
  • How many different youth groups did Ladies Auxiliaries work with during the year?
    • Estimated number of youth involved
  • How did your Department aim to make Ladies Auxiliary programs more accessible to today‘s youth?
  • How many Ladies Auxiliaries used the Stop Bullying resources from

Please don’t just think about the minimum facts required. Feel free to describe in detail any aspect of the program that you feel your ladies went above and beyond, were especially effective in promoting, or creative in participating in the program. That’s why sheets of paper have two sides!!!

To our Youth Activities Chairman, at all levels, thank you for promoting and participating in the Youth Activities Program. It is very evident how much you enjoyed the program and your enthusiasm was very much appreciated. Your hard work will be well worth it, as you have contributed to producing our future leaders.   

In Service and Sisterhood,


Friday, April 4, 2014

Scholarships - "Team 100"

Jane Reape
Scholarships Director

“Team 100” it has been an honor! There are things remaining on our “to do” list.

Young American Creative Patriotic Art
Receive, judge, package and mail to National Headquarters  
  • Click HERE for Helpful Hints
  • Click HERE for the Patriotic Art National Scoring Sheet 
Junior Girls Scholarship
Receive, judge and mail to National Headquarters

Mail both Patriotic Art & Junior Girls Scholarships to the following address:
Ladies Auxiliary VFW National Headquarters
Director of Programs
406 W. 34th St., 10th Fl. 
Kansas City, MO  64111  

  • Contact all Ladies Auxiliaries who have not reported – 95% to receive Citation
  • Gift Certificate to Department Chairman in each Membership Group – best promotion of Young American Creative Patriotic Art and the Continuing Education Scholarship.
  • Outstanding Performance Award in each Membership Group – 95% participation & at least 4 promotions
  •  “OUTSTANDING DEPARTMENT OF THE YEAR” - 100% in participation in the Scholarships Program

I can tell from your reports and promotions how hard each Department has been working. I congratulate each and every one of you. Thank you for teaching this first time Director, for making my job easier and for allowing me to be a part of your Ladies Auxiliary VFW year.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Membership - 3 Months to Go!

Rita Byers
Membership Director

Just a little over 3 months left till June 30, 2014 - The date when you want to be able to say “WE DID IT” -  we reached our “Membership” Golden Goals by retaining current members, reinstating former members and recruiting new members and best of all we made 100% in Membership. Congratulations to the Departments of Nevada and Georgia for reaching their 100% in Membership. Many other Departments are getting very close to their Golden Goal, too.

Thank you for continuing to work on recruiting new members and reinstating former members. The results of the Special Department Award for the largest percentage of increase in membership between January 1, 2014 and February 28, 2014, proves that you are still out there continuing to work towards 100% in Membership in this, our 100th Year of Service to Veterans and Families. One of the larger Departments increased more than 7% during this time and we all know, the larger the Department, the more members it takes to reach the next percentage level. Please don’t stop now. You CAN still do it!  

Each of the following Departments received $300 for First Place in the Special Department Award in their Membership Group:  Utah, Alaska, Vermont, Mississippi, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Virginia, Arizona, New York, Indiana and Pennsylvania. The following Departments each received $200 for Second Place in their Membership Group:  Rhode Island, Delaware, New Hampshire, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida and Ohio. Congratulations to all Departments on your success. 

This being my final promotion for the year, I want to use this opportunity to say thank you and congratulations to all Department Membership Chairmen and to the Conference Membership Chairmen. You have worked so hard and the promotional materials you provided to your members during the year to assist them in striving to achieve the Golden Goal of 100% in Membership were very informative, useful and encouraging. I feel you have all worked as a TEAM and we will continue to do so through June 30, 2014. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Historian: Keep it Coming!

Joyce Bilyeu
National Historian

I have received just about all of the pictures and reports from the National President’s visits to your States. However, there are still a few States who have NOT submitted any materials. Please make sure to pay attention to the deadlines. It is very important that you send your pictures in along with a written report of the National President’s Official Visit. Even if you are behind on the deadline, PLEASE send pictures etc., anyway so they can get included into our National President’s Historian Books

By now you should be almost done putting your Department President’s books together. Remember you want to make sure to present your President with her book at your State Convention and then present her convention pictures at a later time (maybe at your first Council meeting). 

Remember to send all the pictures in, according to the timeline set out in the National Program Book. It is important that each of your States are represented in the National President's History Book, so please send your pictures in as soon as possible.

REMINDER:  Please put all pictures either on a flash drive, disk or chip. Do not email pictures because they can be too large to open on the computer.

Keep up the great work! We are all on this journey together and at the end the final product will be so worth it. You will be leaving the legacy of giving your President AND our National President memories (that you captured) that will last for years to come.

Department Historians are to submit all materials to the address below who in turn will forward them to me.

Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine
406 W. 34th Street, 10th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64111

Friday, March 14, 2014

Chief of Staff: Healthy Auxiliary Certificate

Susan Simmons
National Chief of Staff

Our Golden Goal this year is to have all of our Ladies Auxiliaries to be Healthy, Strong Auxiliaries so they can receive a Healthy Auxiliary Certificate.  This shows that the Ladies Auxiliary is in good working order; they are promoting our programs for our Veterans and their families and they are making their communities better through their volunteer efforts. 

I would like to congratulate all of our Ladies Auxiliaries who have received this certificate already this year.  I would also like to encourage those who haven’t to continue the good work they are doing because it is not too late to be recognized.  Thanks to all of the Ladies Auxiliaries who through their work this year have fulfilled our National President’s theme of Keeping America’s Veterans and Families Strong.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Americanism: Loyalty Day

Jerri McBride
Americanism Director

If you don’t know what Loyalty Day is you can look it up on the web or ask around. What I would like to challenge you to do is define loyalty and where your loyalties lie.

Josiah Royce in his 1908 book The Philosophy of Loyalty defined loyalty as a virtue-"the heart of all the virtues, the central duty amongst all the duties".

Royce also defined it as "the willing and practical and thoroughgoing devotion of a person to a cause". Loyalty is thoroughgoing in that it is not merely a casual interest but a wholehearted commitment to a cause.

We have many things in life we are loyal to. I am loyal to my family. My interest in them is more than, “oh yeah, this is my vibrant, mother, this is my sister whom I can talk to about anything. I have three brothers who I spend every Christmas with….

According to Royce, it should be more than just a casual interest. My family, even though I don’t always agree with everything they do, we have our differences, I am wholeheartedly committed to the well-being of my family. I make the overall well-being of my family far out way our differences. My goal is to be the daughter, the sister, the sister-in-law and aunt my family knows they can count on no matter what. I am loyal to my family.

We are the Ladies Auxiliary VFW family. We said an oath, a vow (promised our loyalty) to the Veterans and their families, our sisters, comrades and goals of this organization when we became members. We may not always agree with our VFW and Ladies Auxiliary family, but our loyalties were expressed in that oath we took.

Our active duty and our Veterans took an oath-a promise of loyalty when they enlisted. They may not have always agreed with the policies, regulations and fellow comrade, but they were thoroughgoing to the cause.

As a nation our loyalties faltered during the Vietnam era. The VFW and the Ladies Auxiliary has clearly stated where their loyalties lie. Never, never again should our nation’s loyalties falter. We have vowed to work together “Keeping Our Veterans & Their Families Strong.”

My challenge to you is, “Loyalty, wholeheartedly commit to the cause.” Stay focused on the cause, work together with our family of sisters, put aside all that distracts us from the cause we are loyal too.