Friday, May 24, 2013

Facebook Best Practices: Ladies Auxiliary


Social media can be a powerful tool to help connect your Auxiliary’s message with members and the community at large in a new way.  Facebook is an easy place for people to go for updates, events, encouragement, answers to questions, and more. Maybe you have been considering creating a Facebook Page for your Auxiliary (there is a wonderful step-by-step tutorial here). We’ve created some tips to help it be successful.

1.       Profile Picture & Cover Photo
 Think of these pictures as the “face” of your Auxiliary – they are generally the first thing someone sees when they visit your Page. A photo of an American flag works great as a profile picture – but you can put whatever picture you like, as long as it is topical and relevant to your Auxiliary. Use your cover photo to tell a story about the work you do. Try a picture of your members in action – make visitors to your Page want to learn more about your Auxiliary!

2.       Don’t ignore the details!

Imagine someone viewing your Facebook Page who has never heard of the Ladies Auxiliary. Would they have a complete picture of what your Auxiliary does? Don’t be intimidated – Facebook gives you ample opportunity to let the world know how great this organization is for the community.

·         Be sure that your contact information is displayed and correct. This builds trust and lets people know you’re available in person, too!

·         Complete the “About” section. Give a good description about what your Auxiliary does. Be sure to include a link to your website, if you have one.


3.       What To Post: The 80/20 Rule

If you decide to create a Facebook Page, plan to post at least twice a week (consistency is key). It’s also important to make sure to vary your content – don’t post the same information over and over.

If you want to get technical about it, most organizations have a 80/20 Rule when it comes to Facebook posts: 80% of posts are educational, informational, and entertaining and 20% are specific to the organization. This rule keeps you from solely broadcasting the same information over and over again – nothing makes people leave your Page faster than the same reminder of your weekly Auxiliary meeting.

See? It’s easy to keep your Page interesting!

4.       Respond.

It’s very important to respond promptly when someone asks a question or gives you a private message on your Facebook Page. Social media is all about having a conversation! A good rule is to have some sort of response within 24 hours – even it’s just a “We’re working on figuring this out”. Waiting any longer than a day is an eternity in Internet-land. Keep in mind that your Facebook Page might be the only thing some people know about Ladies Auxiliary, so let them know that you appreciate their opinions.


We hope this helps get your Auxiliary’s Facebook Page off the ground. To discover more do’s and don’ts of Facebook, there are some useful links at the bottom of the post - and don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page!


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